i was so excited to do such normal things with you

12:17 a.m. x 2006-06-28

1. i SHALL go to target tomorrow and inspect my dress! i think that i'm going to buy it. i think.
2. i mention you because you make me happy! i value that and i want that to be on record. your comment, for instance, made me hit the ceiling of my computer-cubicle with excitement, and i find that worth noting as it was a very good part of my day. hehe, and i'm very glad i make you happy ^-^.
3. jimmy IM'd me right as amanda called me, and i sort-of was able to speak to them both sort-of at once, though i positively suck at things like that. overall though things are going good with both of them - things were never bad with amanda but, the jimmy matter needs no more delving into...it's all good now. and i may jaunt off with amanda tomorrow! which is a riveting prospect! glee and much rejoicing!
4. i need to learn the lyrics to "tom's diner". the situation is dire. i must. i feel unfulfilled without this knowledge. i need to download it and listen to it until i have it DOWN and am able to rattle it off like the periodic table of elements. which i never memorized either because i had the cop-out science class in high school. i fail on all accounts, it seems.
5. a large part of my day today was spent watching the dresden dolls "live in paradise" dvd. i love the way that they perform, because beyond it being set up very simply, they play to one another. brian plays to amanda and amanda plays to brian, and you get the sense that even if nobody else enjoys their performance, they do, and they visibly enjoy each others' company as well. i love it. it makes me ecstatic to see. not to mention that the song "good day" cheers me up no matter what the circumstance.

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