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6:31 p.m. x 2006-06-30

001. woke up, found a good morning from ken!
002. recieved request from jimmy to accompany him to cd warehouse.
003. witnessed jimmy getting his first citation for speeding! he then fought off all attempts at my trying to immortalize the moment with a photograph.
004. cd warehouse trek, almost bought the special edition of "pulp fiction"
005. spat with jimmy over where to go to eat (i wanted to eat up where we were so i didn't have to see anyone i knew, he wanted to go somewhere closer to our houses). eventually settled on applebee's.
006. sidestep to coconut's, so he could show off his citation as proof of badassness.
007. lunch/dinner at applebee's, where we were served by a girl i went to high school with! AGH! and there was a great deal of musing and him being very nice.
008. photo op at last, in my driveway, as he finally decided to commemorate his first citation.
009. chat with ken about the merits of nicolas cage, finally gave him the mix cd i'd made him. hopefully that goes over very well.
010. surprise phone call from sexilyn!
011. kara's brother now has a fake myspace.

that...is a pretty excellent day!

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