why melvin, you're beautiful. you're a beautiful person. you're so muscular. it's been two years since i've touched a man.

10:29 p.m. x 2006-06-29

who'd i hear from today?!!! KEN and ALIYA! ken is awash in a miserable blizzard of midterms and my hopes and thoughts are with him. and ALIYA IS VISITING AGAIN!!! it just so happens, as i've learned, that my dad's sister and her husband are coming out the very same sequence of days, but it won't interfere with the aliya-blitz.

we are going to watch "twin peaks" and "SNAKE-EATER II: THE DRUG BUSTER!" and maybe rent "april fools" again. last time was heavenly...i'm so excited! i can't wait! i have to make her a cd...and a cake...and a ritual altar upon which we can sacrifice karl rove.

i'm still shaking off the alarm i felt this morning...i had the worst dream i've had in a very long time last night...errrgh. i mean, i don't have nice dreams very often at all, i usually have nightmares - but this one was awful. i think i've got a lot to sort out with a friend of mine.

but for now i'm not going to worry about it! there are things that deserve much more attention...hopefully ken is intact post-midterms!!! and aliya has an outstanding visit. i am very excited!

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