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10:27 p.m. x 2006-07-01

not only does laura have a new car, but the car has a doppelganger. she took me out to show it to me, and wound up looking at the wrong car! because she was parked right next to one that looked exactly the same. the only distinguishing feature, which somehow failed to escape our attention, was a rather garish license plate bearing the mysterious name of "tammy". you'll be informed as new developments arise.

after this i was to go to the movies, the schematics of which got so flagrantly jumbled...but i made it safely there. lexi, danielle and i milled around and spoke disjointedly amidst many shiny distractions. i hadn't seen either of them in an extremely long time, so that was really great.

things are really great. they've really been quietly improving, and i feel a hell of a lot more set to do things than i've been in a very long time. anything i'm distraught over, i can't see as being a very big issue...even when i can rationalize that it is, i'm just happy that things make me happy again. reading, writing, watching movies, talking to people and doing school work turned into methods of nervously passing the time before something else happened, so to speak...i really sucked the joy out of my life, handling things that way.

so i didn't want to continue doing that. i took measures to stop that, i thought a lot about it and really settled a lot with myself. and what would have been nice...would be to have had people support me throughout no matter what. where i've arrived is a very good place, but before, when things weren't very good...i DID have a lot of people who were supportive and listened and rallied around me. i DID have that, and i can't forget that. they're amazing.

i had that from so many great people but the person who it really mattered to me to talk to more than anybody...do you see where i'm going with this?

well, even though i'm obviously a little beset by it...it's fine, there are so many awesome things happening. and three days of summer left...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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