"if you assault me in bed, you can hardly expect to find me in formal attire."

10:24 p.m. x 2006-07-03

"god runs electromagnetics by wave theory on monday, wednesday, and friday, and the devil runs them by quantum theory on tuesday, thursday, and saturday." - so there are no electromagnetics on sunday, but there are postsecret entires.

class on wednesday, and i'm going to restart the trial, since it wasn't properly considered when i read it the first time. i began reread that today, very relaxed, and watched "videodrome" and practiced drawing. i am very very out-of-practice, but it'll come back easy enough if i work on it. i slept a bit and walked with kara and managed to miss a phone call from jonpaul! whom i suppose i will not see at school now, since he's taking online classes...

...i did, however, catch a call from amanda d! she is very in new jersey and very stranded, bereft of jobs and responsibility. my heart goes out to her. i would've spoken to her longer had i not been en route to quoting "wonder showzen" with kara.

i had an outstanding conversation with ken last night, which - thinking about it is still making me extremely happy. he's not in the best mood today, hopefully he feels better! cause he's made me a very cheery pepper. he deserves to be very very happy.

it's 3:02 - why is it taking me small eternities to write entries lately...?

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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