HELLO my dear friends! well, here i am on record at last, and it feels so WONDERFUL to be here with you on my first album!

2:29 p.m. x 2006-07-11

public transit woes have struck. i really love riding the bus, i just happen to not be proficient at it, seeing as today was the second time i've ridden, ever...it wound up taking clare and i seven dollars to get home as opposed to four, thanks to my lack of single bills. this didn't bother me in the least, since i didn't know that i wasn't going to be able to make change, i learned my lesson. i wasn't bothered. it'd be a dumb thing to flip out about, since i can't do anything. i got home and that's the important thing.

not to my mother, however. eugh. we then parked at the stop where she picks us up and she bitched incessantly about how stupid that was...which i don't care about, i only had a five by the time we transferred...i can't stand it when i have to listen to her freak out about stuff. it really bothered me. tomorrow clare's new manfriend is riding the bus with us so i think that'll be a lot less stressful. and if my mom picks us up then she can't do anything crazy with a stranger in the car. UGH.

i wacked my hand hardxcore into the door the other day. i drank a litre of green tea. still feel a little weird but now i'm beginning to gather that it isn't from the green tea, but rather that i've begun eating a great deal less and my body is just alarmed. i'm eating a great bit better than i was, since i've been largely just hanging out at home, so it isn't bad, i just need to get used to it again. i ate the last cup of ravioli just now, so i have no idea what i'm going to do about dinner.

somehow, for some reason, washing my face just made me feel a whole lot more at ease. my skin is sort of "holy shit" right now...by my standards, that is. which is probably just okay by others' standards. i have nice skin, but right now it feels...eesh, it misses winter. i wore a sweater today because i miss winter - it may have been 90 outside but oh man, the buildings are FREEZING. i actually wound up needing the thing. that was pretty outstanding.

that and being on par with "star trek" and vh1's "world series of pop culture". outstanding.

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