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2:23 p.m. x 2006-07-13

preface: i think that i sort of want this ringtone from that says "my teeth are bleeding!" over and over again.

entry: because i woke up on time this morning, my mom assumed i hadn't slept at all. i woke right up, actually, and panicked because i'd fallen asleep amidst a math assignment. considering the obscenely plodding pace at which i do math, i wasn't even going to entertain the thought of really doing it. i got up and looked at it and then went about my morning.

and...YES! the teacher didn't collect it! i got out of both classes early and discovered that i KICKED ASS on my first speech. i celebrated this with biscotti, though i was persistantly interrupted by this large woman singing songs from "phantom of the opera". i thought for a minute...she couldn't be singing, just standing there, even if i am the only other one around. i'm one of those people, i think, people have no trouble doing these things around me. breaking out into song. anyhow, this woman started belting and i had to leave.

all the things people have done in my presence...really, there have been a great many. that, i cannot stand. inoppertune opera. totally uncalled for. especially when there are so many things that are called for. like "snake-eater II: THE DRUG BUSTER". i could indulge in the glory like crazy but i wait for special occassions to bust out this bad boy. lexi bought me cheetos, too. oh man.

addendum: i'm going to go lament my inability to form a good relationship with functions and graph paper.

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