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9:42 p.m. x 2006-07-21

manic shopping excursion action! courtesy of amanda d. she, lexi, kat, corinne, beth (BETH!), amanda's two friends from her old place of residence and i ventured forth to shop our asses off at various locales. i'm exhausted. i bought three shirts and the most disgustingly expensive was a tshirt. a garden variety tshirt.

but let me tell you what is wicked amazing about this tshirt: it's got graphics from "revolver" on it. and it's white-ish. you see, when i wear white shirts, i wear a black sweater over them, so only the chest/neck is exposed. well, on this particular tshirt, the design is right up there, in full perfect view. as if it were manufactured for me.

see? amazing is all around me.

there was a promotion going on at american eagle (@_#, devastatingly so) wherein if one tried on a pair of pants, one would be given a free ticket redeemable at an AMC theatre, and i tried pants (!!!) on just for kat, so she could get tickets. amanda's friends were really sweet, and kat bought amazing boots. en route from one shopping location to another we passed an establishment called "womb with a view", and thanks very much to his benevolence in giving me his number!!! i was able to inform the troublesome ken immediately of this fantastic detail!!!!!!

what is fantastic as well...upon getting home i discovered a message from jimmy on my computer: "...i wake up now with a smile and a positive outlook..." ^-^ which is a good thing. a very good thing!

i have the headache from hell, though...a lot of arbitrary bullshit is getting on my nerves. i am still not even remotely finished filing my internal miasma into neat and managable ordeals to run through. with a machete. no, really...things are improving. i am just a wackjob.

a happy wackjob. <3, thoroughly and throughout.

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