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9:57 p.m. x 2006-07-29

i finally found a pair of normal, opaque black knee socks. AT LONG LAST. that brilliance was appropriately coupled by work with the lovely laura. it was a great deal of fun, even if my least favorite supervisor was on. my favorite supervisor is no longer affiliated with the store, which is really a smart move on her part. generally the other employees there bother me minimally, and there are several that i like. i love laura, lauren and james...most of the other girls in my position who are my age are very very easy to work with, which is a bit of a shock, but i'm glad for it. but this supervisor is a nightmare.

she's insulted laura to a hideous degree in the past and has a serious problem with talking down to people. whether this comes purely from an overbearing nature or her past position as a teacher, i am not certain, though i speculate one lead to the other. ugh. she was terrible. but i was then able to escape her clutches and give kara the present i bought her.

i bought her a PUNISHER tshirt. she's going to rock it at sleepaway-college when she needs to feel the power of frank castles and...myself.

i'm so freaked out by leonard nemoy's song about hobbits. i'm so conflicted about how i feel with regards to leonard nemoy in the first place. behavior like that isn't helping me. i thought of this because today i discovered that i'm the only person in my close family who can do "live long and prosper" with both hands simultaneously. pwnt.

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