what my damage could have been

5:27 p.m. x 2006-07-31

numerical, not chronological:

001. my brother's been dismissed from his WoW guild. HAHAHA.
002. my brain is mush. total mush. i had a midterm today and i don't feel like i did badly on it. which means i did really really terrible. that's always how it works out. always.
003. nate the h and i sat in the lobby at school and made stunned expressions at the man with the super pimp gait.
004. clare covered her eyes when she saw jimmy and i sitting in an unmoving car.
005. i had a fiery chicken wrap with kara and talked about OGs.
006. MY NEW FRIEND ALANNAH IS MAGNIFICENT. she listened to me for hours last night. last night was REALLY ROUGH.
007. ken hopped on just to calm me down. he affirmed and validated my perspective which made the situation easier to handle. the evening wound up ending on a very good note, but i would have torn someone's head off had it not been for ken and alannah.
008. jimmy is at the beach, and he is going to call me, which is very good because he's got a lovely voice.
009. "like warm quiche meringue!" - kara
010. i think i need to stop eating dairy products. i think that's why my skin is so disgusting now. mmm...

thank you again. i feel better now.

all i want right now is to see my decision pay off and make sense. i'm really happy that jimmy understands my frustration about that, about the past couple of months...we hung out for a bit right after school. he called last night after some weirdness went down and we talked for a few hours. i've been conditioned to think totally one way with him and now it is entirely different...it is such a departure from the way things were that it borders on "twilight zone"-esque. i'm waiting for william shatner to press his face against my window and scream.

that's a good sign, hehe. if you can gather from past entries (february-may) how things have been, a complete turn-around is obviously a very good thing. just very...jarring. i'm happy, though, that...he is my best friend, he does care about me and he does love me. he's decided he wants to date me and i accepted this, and he has made that his objective to keep things good between us. i say that this is a GOOD IDEA.

mmmmm...i'm wistful. and it's in a good way. so weird o.O.

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