2:48 p.m. x 2006-08-02

up quite late last night, but no word from jimmy...we had a really brief exchange on the bus ride home but i didn't get to talk to him yesterday. ergh. i think i'm having a semi-irrational bad time of grasping the fact that he spends his family vacation hanging out with his family. this strikes me as a very puzzling concept but i'm glad he gets along with his family.

i can't wait until he comes back, though. i'm not a fan of the word "anticipation" from the duff episode where everything was "anticipated" because he never actually wanted to spend time with me...i would just really like to spend time with jimmy...i've not gotten to experience very nearly any romance since i've begun the whole relationships venture. i am really owed romance. so that's exciting.

also exciting: i have, at extremely long last...DEADAIM. ken, with whom i shared a very excellent conversation yesterday, sent it to me. the AIM application he sent wouldn't set up because i think it may have been the same kind that i had that became infected with the virus, but i had another application (@_#) that did work with it, and now it's perfect.

and i got a B on my speech midterm *^-^*. whoooooossshhh...

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