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4:08 p.m. x 2006-08-07

today was positively hell.

first of all, clare failed to inform me that elisa was coming in with us, and that made me a little angry. then my math was all over the place and i just skipped in order to catch myself up with where we were. then i went to speech, and that was fine...but we got out very early. elisa and nate were in the lobby and i began talking to them, then clare came back and she joined, then suddenly it was time for the bus.

by the time we made it to the bus, however, it was on it's way out. i was fuming and i ran back to the student center to blow my bus fare on a muffin and try not to think about it. then clare and elisa wandered away for nearly an hour while i listened to tool very loudly and closed my eyes. then they returned, clare fell asleep and elisa spoke to me about her one friend who is caught in a very bad relationship dynamic (as well as about our mutual friend who is in a similar such circumstance).

then, miraculously, i ran into shawn! the kid who, back in march, took me to dinner and city island and sang me "bike". he was visiting from virginia and we talked for a while. he didn't burn my face with a cigarette this time, which is good. nate drove us home, my mother sassed, and i ate her raisenettes to spite her.

i just almost wrote "rennaisance" there. god i'm tired.

edit (two hours later): HOOOLY SHIT i took a nap. i hate inoppertune napping! Oh my god! I am unhappy with this day!!!

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