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4:48 p.m. x 2006-08-06

mmmmm, complacency. my brother just loaned me a mcnugget. my boyfriend sent me a procession of lovely txts. i realized how much...to what RIDICULOUS extent i love the music in the movie "3 women".

this is the last week of summer classes. i have a speech due on wednesday and it is a big freaking deal and i'm the first person up. i have to persuade and i have to persuade with visual aid on my side. i will get on that once i've gotten on top of my math, which is a visibly more intense affair...i can hack a speech just fine...i am blitheringly upset with myself about my performance in math. to a point. not really.

let's take a closer look.

well, i'm angry that i took it over the summer. not remembering how rough last year was in terms of the workload, because i wound up with Bs. because those were things i could do, even if i slacked off. i can pull of english and psych. speech to a point. but math, no way. no way in HELL. so i'm a bit angry with myself for not keeping that in mind.

but i know that my problem with it is that i simply need more time to understand the material. i know that i can do well on it and i will be much better with sufficient time to learn and review all the chapters.

tonight, jimmy and i had a very fantastic conversation *^-^* and i got to talk to ken! whom i didn't think had the internet back until monday! yesss!!!! so that was an awesomely pleasant surprise. he'd been leaving me sweet, bemusing messages that i'd kept missing. jimmy sent me an EXTREMELY lascivious email and there is megamyspacedrama between he and duff.

ugh. i don't want to go to school tomorrow.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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