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10:03 p.m. x 2006-08-16

i had a dream that i visited my old best friend. the last chance that i have to see my current best friend before she leaves, i'll have to see somebody i hate at the same time. i'm expected somewhere else that same day, and i really just want to shut myself up in my room. and listen to the smashing pumpkins and make myself cry. there is plenty of time for that, though, after my friends leave. i want to enjoy them while i can.

whoa...hehe, i have an anniversary this week! i've never had an anniversary!!! jimmy and i will have been dating a month on the twentieth! that's really wonderful. so i'm very excited about that and i hope i can do something with him that day...

today i took kara out to dinner and we talked about how scared we both are of that guy from cute is what we aim for. bah. alannah and i mutually lamented and ken made the most brillian procession of faces for me. they are...beyond description. their impact is greater than or equal to the girth of antares. or fat sex.

in short: bear with me...i'm just stress-addled. i'm optimistic about things, especially sunday. just for the sake of having been in this relationship for a month, it's a very lovely milestone. i just had a dream that was...ballsfest to the extreme. about my old best friend. and kara chasing me with a dirtbike...

oddly enough, leonard nemoy was nowhere to be found in this nightmare. W31RD!

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