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8:23 p.m. x 2006-08-18

i wrote...i'm not even kidding you...a FIVE PAGE ENTRY regarding how i feel. it wasn't fit for public consumption. at all. i'm a touchyedgycrazy pepper.

fuck that.

without further ado (there need never, EVER be any all)...renee's party was really fun. REALLY fun. corinne, kat, lexi, amanda, alannah, renee, jen, ren, and mel were very very very nice...and listened to a lot out of me. i got really tangenty today. i got really upset. because i make myself that way. really easily. i'm edging along. i'll be all right. hanging out relieved a lot of tension. they're a bunch of gems. i had a blast.

i imitated samuel l. jackson a lot, and we played volley ball and there was a great deal of inoppertune ass-touching. i loved it. even though i didn't get to sleep till 5 the evening before, and i had to wake up at 8. that probably served to jumble my thoughts up a fair amount.

so...i should go to sleep now (12:48), and have a clear day tomorrow. i don't know when i'm going to see clare before she leaves, but she wants to see me...

holy shit - ken photoshopped his head onto bunchie. it screams masterpiece (screams...far too mundane - it in fact YODELS "masterpiece")! that was stupendous. and jimmy is stupendous, despite being on the ill side...he and i are going to share a procession of tender moments this sunday over my mix that i made him. there's dinner, apparently, and i hope to wedge "pulp fiction" in there as well. not to mention pictures. you may not have heard about my fondness for amassing photographs of my friends, but i love it. i take pictures like a fiend. i have circa 164 of jimmy. i have a single file in which they're all sampled, however i would do well to sequence it chronologically (as it currently is not) and scroll through to watch his gradual shift from the jimmy of last year (bigger rack, affinity for blue flannel) to the jimmy of now (enraptured in yellow polo, smashing haircut).

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