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10:39 p.m. x 2006-08-22

round two of classes today: abnormal psych and software. promptly fell asleep in abnormal psych as i was not sufficiently caffienated. drat. hiked to software class, which lies perilously at the far opposite end of the campus in a building i wasn't aware existed (as i've spent nearly my entire career at half-college in the same two buildings). the teacher was charming and gave me the go on accessing anything i wanted from the class computer. jimmy messaged me fifteen minutes before the end of class about alerting him when i was finished, so i assumed that meant he was there and waiting. immediately upon being unleashed, i dashed out the door and sent him a message back and went out to the end of the walkway to meet him.

whereupon he went "i'll be on my way then". haha...RGH! so i kicked around the edge of the walkway for a half an hour...haha, which was perfectly fine because jimmy and i were able to go jaunt off together then and have lunch. we were awarded free strawberry lemonaids for being cute and present in a rather vacant restaurant. before he went back to tend to his sick mother i took several pictures of him misadventurously investigating the contents of my ipod. these pictures in no way rival the silly, silly impact of the pictures i took on our one month, in which he is depicted as shirtless and disoriented...but in these he's smiling, and that's what i like to see!

to that end, things are going very well. he and i get to hang out again tomorrow. he can't avoid "pulp fiction" any longer. nor can i avoid working on a screenplay to submit to the nicholl fellowship, because if ernie could make quarterfinals, my potential is blatant.

i have been so tired lately...

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