penguins have organs over their eyes that converts salt water to fresh water

12:32 a.m. x 2006-08-22

the one month event yesterday was stupendous, and my first day of the fall semester today was stupendous, but i am rendered useless. i am maniacally exhausted and other such adjectives. i wasn't even out or up late last night...but it was still very wonderful. jimmy and i just sat and talked and know, very couply, which i like a great deal. we went out to dinner, tomorrow he's going to experience the awe that is "pulp fiction", specifically samuel l. jackson's dialogue.

which i think i made need to experience a bit more of before i go to sleep, which really ought to be now. i'm certain my social psychology class is going to be amazing, so i can sleep easily knowing this. and the fact that i have pictures of jimmy, squinty and disoriented in pitch darkness reacting to the flash of my camera to keep me company at school. yes!!!

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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