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8:25 a.m. x 2006-09-05

i feel different today. it's a start, it's something, but i feel a shift in a good direction. yesterday i went to guitar center with jimmy and duff and they bought such hulking items that we all had to sit in the front and i got the bitch seat. then jimmy had a new job interview, which he got, so that's very awesome.

get a load of my flat reporting style...oh, clare called me last night. i think she broke me. haha, i think she did what she's been trying to do all year and doesn't know yet. i think she's going to be really happy next time i talk to her. when she comes to visit, she's going to curl up at the end of my bed and we're going to watch "blue velvet". purring.

and it made me very very happy last night to have the exchange i had with ken. i'm really happy that i'm a good thing to him, as he is to me. and i think that thanks to the remove at which we are, despite the fact i wish it wasn't there...but i think due to that it has enabled me to not invest some of the not-very-good aspects that i...err, it's made me not take it a way that drives me crazy. it is 8:30, i shouldn't even be doing this right now.

but it's urgent that you know: it is different.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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