burn out the night

7:29 p.m. x 2006-09-06


amber just called me sobbing. she has sustained a blow...it made me bawl wickedly. i can't say for certain but i think that might be the last time i cry for a while. it really snapped me out of things. her situation is...bitter...she and this kid, they used to be immeasurably tight. then he alienated himself from her, then was a downright terrorist with regards to her character...he spread awful lies about her...and she was heartbroken. then he decided to waltz back into her life, and while he was on vacation constantly txt'd her, and upon his return they pursued a relationship. now he has severed it and is handling it in an extremely impersonal manner that is just further devastating her...

i am absolutely, bitterly upset for amber, because she does not deserve that sort of thing by any stretch whatsoever. she is an amazing friend that has been extremely there for me and i am incensed. she knows that if she is writhing in pain and can't close her eyes in the middle of the night, she can call me.

i feel very terrible for amber. but hell if that didn't snap me out of a great amount. not to mention jimmy and i having a very good, a-nitpicky discussion with a single hypothetical morose pondering that was NOT brought up by me. hehe. that pleased me. not to mention the fact that i made a video for ken and he LOVED IT!!! and the extent to which he was excited overjoys me.


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