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9:54 a.m. x 2006-09-10

last night i sat on concrete in a well-lit parking lot with amanda, kat and lexi. lexi wouldn't let me go home. it was...very very very incredible. she had me over from about noon on yesterday, lexi. we went out for lunch and she paid for me (so i owe her...five years of my sex life...) and she did for me exactly what i needed all week. that i'd been up and aching for until three and four a.m. all week. kat sat in a dark, parked car and got enraged with me. amanda humped my leg.

they all looked me dead in the eye and got it. and then we shared ramen. it was a huge relief. it makes me so happy...lexi said that if i hadn't been able to come up to her house, she had set aside the day to be able to just talk to me on the phone. i am amazed. i am so stunned and happy about that...

remaining rather disheartened about other things, you know...but...glad...somebody understands...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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