6:33 p.m. x 2006-09-10


thanks dad. i "don't need dinner", according to my dad. thanks dad. i was going to have dinner. after not having eaten all day. thanks. that would've been a terrible move. thanks a whole lot. thanks for bitching me out, too, about how you hate that i live here. wheeee.

meh. he then came upstairs and bitched me out after i exclaimed that i was offended by that movie. all right...whatever...that sucked...but yesterday was really amazing, so it is overridden.

i went to lexi's planning to hang out for a few hours. she called and told me i could come up if i had a ride, and my dad drove me over. she said we could go get pizza. we walked to the pizza parlor by her house and she explained how if i hadn't been able to visit she still would've talked to me on the phone all day anyway. that made me REALLY happy. so we had lunch (AND SHE PAID, THE ANGEL) and then went back to her house where we hung out a bit longer. i knew she was going to the movies, but i didn't know i was going along, so that was a pleasant surprise. we met up with kat and her gentleman caller. i couldn't sit through the whole movie, however, as i was having problems. you can't ever take me anywhere.

afterwards we meandered into the parking lot and we talked for a while before we noticed amanda honking and yelling at us a few spaces over, hehe. we ran over there and communed around her vehicle. she gave me french fries with vinegar on them and we shared a little ice cream. which means she may have snuck some of the remnants of my disease as well. ah shit i just thought of that. i'm sorry amanda. anyway, we sat around her car. she chain smoked, kat debated whether or not she wanted to take a drag to say she did it once and never wanted to do it again, and lexi rubbed my upper arms encouragingly. on the way back up to lexi's, she rode with amanda and i with kat. i screamed in kat's car and felt absolutely terrible.

when we got up to lexi's, we ate ramen and watched "hercules" and talked about sailor moon. kat sleeps in NOTHING. amanda was supposed to see the girl she loves today, i hope she did. lexi's getting asked out on monday. i was the only person on my side of the universe at work and i got a procession of txt's that made me shake and drop purchases. it was graphic. eugh.

regardless...i am feeling better...i'm really happy...REALLY HAPPY that lexi, kat and amanda did that for me. hung out with me, listened to me...that was awesome. it means a lot. obviously i'm still reeling a little that i haven't spoken to the person i WANT to speak to. but i'm not lodged in such a miasma. miasma-lodging is ridiculous. i don't condone it.

i'm so fucking hungry. GAAAH.

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