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6:27 p.m. x 2006-09-13

in theory, my day totally sucked. i essentially missed the bus to school, was at school six hours longer than i was supposed to be, and am having to endure massive angst from my mother and a friend of her's...and i left my cell phone home today. eush.

but really, no. it didn't really was a little rough, si, but i made it onto the bus. and i called jimmy just to leave a message and say i had my mom's phone and we wound up talking for a half an hour, and that was pretty awesome. then i got a quiz back from art which i got a 100% on. then i had social psych, which i love, and then went to the "viewing center" to watch "sybil".


i got three calls from my aunt and one from my mom's best friend...they are having some sort of spat...i ate lunch with english james, my old 102 partner, and we exchanged numbers again. he showed me is furry tattoo. i'm making such a face about this.

ken got "the adventures of pete & pete" on dvd. it is majorly enticing. i learned what yiffing is, as well as what became of duff after he disappeared into the wilds of last thursday evening. poor guy. it had, uh...absolutely nothing to do with yiffing. i'm lead to believe.

but a contented pepper. and i love jews.

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