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3:41 p.m. x 2006-09-16


i had a pretty outstanding last couple of days. today work was so uncomfortable it almost made me upset, it being fairly difficult to arouse any emotion out of me where work is concerned...blech. but i'm very pleased.

thursday afternoon, jimmy picked me up from school and we hung out and got dinner and talked about a lot of things. it was beyond smashing, and i got to do what i've been wanting for the past little lately, which was to just unleash some angst and have him be there for me and listen. it was a huge relief.

then last night! oh man! amanda called me at random because her plans got stomped on and we went and loitered about until lexi got off of work. alas, she wasn't allowed out afterwards, and amanda and i ventured forth into the night with the hazy idea of going up to where her lover lives (a fairly intimidating drive). we wound up first picking jimmy up and going to a late dinner, then attempting to accumulate duff, whom i was around for a total of seven minutes before things got jumbled. amanda and duff wound up miles and miles away while jimmy and i parked somewhere cops usually park while surveying the road and had a really important discussion (which included the topic of how and why he came to ever need orthodontia). we wound up in duff's living room for a few minutes to check on amanda, asleep on the couch. we then were in jimmy's basement, he and i, for an indeterminate amount of time before morning, whence i was back at duff's sleeping on the other section of the couch and holding amanda's hand, sans jimmy and duff...duff's dad eventually ambled on out and greeted us good morning, whereupon we decided to drive away from all of that.

listening to "celtic woman" the entire time. i don't know if it was the timing or the odd feeling present in the air that possessed jimmy to say aloud "i think i'm going to sample this". it was priceless. "orinoco flow" is unabashedly kicking my ass as i write this...awe man...

a lot to celebrate. ken and i have hit over 1000 pages of conversation! and i finally saw "they're coming to get you, barbara" in context! somebody's having THE BEST WEEK EVER!

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