10:49 a.m. x 2006-09-19

i am enjoying an afternoon of starbucks and critical analysis of pink floyd album art with alex before i depart later this afternoon with jimmy to the virginian eurometal experience. ed and nick, two old classmates of mine, will be along as well. the bearded-one was supposed to go and i'm rather saddened by his absence. i am a great enthusiast where the bearded-one is concerned.

the story of how the pink floyd "animals" cover came to be is absolutely priceless. the pig's been dubbed the implacable menace by alex, and i.

a major concern of mine is how and where we're getting dinner in virginia and if i'll be able to sleep on the drive home. i've found a college i like in allentown. hmmmmm.

jimmy and i had a sweet exchange last night. i hope the levity carries over into today and the stress of two (potentially...very likely, actually) very high young men in the back seat, a total five hour round trip, a crowded eurometal dive and his tendency to just be freakishly neurotic don't wreck the time that he could have. it's jimmy's first concert and i hope he has a really good time. anything i could do would probably just have the potential to drive him into a bathroom or his car for the duration, so i think i'll stick to back-patting and trying to set the good example. i think if we eat at a nice restaurant, though, and he doesn't get sick, it won't be so bad. he wasn't feeling stellar last night and that put me off a little bit. i like ed and nick fine but i'm going with/because of jimmy, and if he goes into mcnutts-land i'm kind of i hope he sticks it out and just makes the best of this trip. especially since i gave him an entire paycheck, heh.

cause your lips when we speak are the valleys and peaks of a mountain range on fire...there are some things i need to do. make a baked good for amanda with lexi is one. finish my mom's birthday card (yeah yeah). thank-you letter to the mcnatts. ADMISSIONS ESSAYS. permit test. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. and you know what i'd rather be doing than any of this...

i need an agent. i want to prostitute my fiction. and sing "orinoco flow" with jimmy, duff and amanda again.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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