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8:55 a.m. x 2006-09-20

...eurometal exceeded my expectations. heh. the concert was actually thoroughly smashing, and all three bands (division, epica and kamelot) played REALLY riveting sets. jimmy had a brilliant time...we did have a spotty beginning to the trip but it was cool. ed and nick were fun and congenial. the venue was in the most bizarre of a strip mall consisting of an oriental market, a nail salon, "mattressland" (and it's province "carpetland", adjacent to the immediate right), the umah bazaar, then the nightclub...then AFGHAN KABOB. which i was aching to go into. but, no dice.

the show started an hour later than scheduled and we bonded with some dude in the parking lot who was really nice to us the entire time and got us water during the show. i took a really stunning video of the kamelot lead singer that i'm very proud of. he's norwegian and his enthusiasm sort of arouses me.

jimmy and i then had merch table drama, because he didn't have any money and i didn't want him to overdraft his account, so i said i'd buy him things if he paid me back. then NO ATM IN EXISTENCE FUNCTIONED or was located in a place that allowed me to access it. it was ridiculous. the staff at the club even let me come and go freely in an attempt to find cash. at last, though, the bartender helped me out, heh. she did something nifty and withdrew $40 for me, out of which jimmy was able to get a shirt and a poster.

he got a free poster from the staff, too, via me, because a bouncer sassed me out for taking a picture i was actually allowed to take. and he got out of a speeding ticket for being mistaken as a woman. geez, jimmy. nice day.

i eventually got to use the remnants of his credit card to get myself green tea. no legitimate complaints here.

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