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8:58 p.m. x 2006-09-28

...while i have not been in a talking mood, so much, i have been in a soliloquey mood. i have become the master of the voicemail. i have taken to leaving half-hour long voicemails on my friends' phones. i've been making videos of myself not fit for consumption (! not like that...just because i don't wear pants when i make, i ramble about nothing, and they're once again very badly lit).

knowledge of ernie irwin's middle name has errupted forth from the bowels of myspace. it's SEATON. it would've been really cool if ernie had, like, hid this knowledge somewhere...and left us all a treasure map so that we had to go pursue it...but ernie is not that crafty. not one ounce that crafty. my-name-is-on-the-oscar-website my ass, ernesto.

i rip into him because i wish i was a sassy taurus man. oh...pause and reflect, kari.

i'm feeling better. i wasn't really feeling bad earlier...i'm just sorting things through. it isn't pleasant. i know it's even less pleasant for others to watch than for me to even actually experience, heh. and for that i apologize. that's why i'd like to go back to being a listener. i used to be an awesome listener. then i started to need to talk about things. now i don't want to hear myself anymore. at all. case you missed it...was completely purposeful mellowdrama.

oh dude, today's benevolent gesture: i put my magic cell phone to good use for amanda. people really like to pick up when i call's not 100%, but by and large, i get through to people when i need to or when no one else can get them. it's because i tend to call people sparingly, and if i do call someone a lot...they can consider themselves lucky...there are about five numbers i call with any sort of frequency. otherwise, rarely do i ever make an outgoing call. and either way, my number just looks curious and it makes people want to answer.

so tonight, amanda and i were at the park. i finally met her two friends that make out to a ridiculous degree all the time. no wonder she always called to talk to me when they'd hang out! they're like nibbly bunnies. as they ensued, amanda played me the voicemail she had of her loved one. she then tried to call her to no avail. as the evening wore on, she requested if perhaps i might try calling the girl on my cell phone because she wanted me to hear her voice mailbox message. i did, but the girl picked up, and amanda got to experience spontaneous conversation with her lovely.

that's the kind of awesomeness that sprouts off as a byproduct of hanging out with me.


  • the fact that i am #4 on bryson hair's myspace
  • becoming at peace once more with the public transit system, i can totally hack one day of mass transit a week
  • dr. pepper, but the whole not having any...that's BULLSHIT
  • i am going to virginia again.
  • the infinite possibilities offered by the "control" key
  • the fact that i tangoed TWICE today, with a gay man and a lesbian. SCORE, all across the board!

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