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10:46 p.m. x 2006-09-29

thank you for the dr. pepper. and the raisenets. and understanding.

i'm so drained. there's so much i need to do. but i'm going to be so busy...all i want to do is sleep. i'm so pissed at myself that i got so preoccupied. i'm in a hole with schoolwork. gyaaaah. i'll be okay...i will, i will...i'm just in a tiny tailspin right now trying to get myself oriented. i need sleep. i'm going to sleep as soon as this 35 page journal article prints...lurrrgh.

what the hell is up with the fatigue?! i don't remember ever being this wiped out. since the summer, geez...it's been awful. i'm thinking that my plans for tomorrow are a bit of a mistake, not the seeing my friends part at all...but the hours during which i'll see them...i may have to insist we do what we set out to do (hit gettysburg and hershey), eat and go home. i don't think i can do till 6. i'm not confident. even if i could, i don't want to risk it.

35 page journal article angst. ugh. sleep. new decemberists AND evanescence coming out next week. glory! i'm having joint soreness and a problem emoting correctly. the printer is so hypnotic...

off i go.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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