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8:32 a.m. x 2006-10-12

yesterday was a big day.

today, though...and all days forthcoming...

i know i'm just talking to myself about this. well...i'm secure. and i'm talking about myself. i'm secure about a lot of my feelings, whereas i was not before. my feelings for a lot of things. don't jump to conclusions.

on that note, however - a pillow. and a blanket for the coming season. i like the sound of that.

listless computer class update: gyah. i hate using this thing for public service announcements. i write in here for myself. i think that i am terrible at communicating my feelings. i am MISERABLE at it! that's why i'm so relentless in it. i am great at recounting events. i am very bad at expressing how those events make me feel.

well...i'm very placid. i'm in a very very very good mood. tired. busy. well-occupied. excited. shinedown's cover of "simple man" is insanely well done. i have a muffin in my backpack. amanda is SOMEWHERE on the campus!?!!! she and her omnipresence.

i should've worn my hat. i got dressed properly today...shirt, sweater, skirt, knee socks. i have to ready my hat and my coat and start looking snappy again. dressing nicely lifts my mood. i have a scarf that's patterned after piano keys that's never been exploited.

i like looking nice...

("i am the statistics master. and the boating master." this teacher is peculiar. rarely does he ever seem to be talking about the microsoft applications we're supposed to be learning how to use. glee.)

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