beat my snare

3:07 p.m. x 2006-10-27

i love winter. it seems, though, that i'm incapable of dressing for the weather...that the weather dictates that i wear a sweater, a hoodie, a winter coat, pants, knee-socks, mittens and a hat. eush. it's awesome, though. i just have to get into the swing of it.

oh boy...yesterday i had an experience. one of those things you figure will happen sooner or later. if i were to explain it to you outright, it'd sound like i did something monumentally stupid that i did not do, not would do...but rather, a discrepency was experienced that dictated i take some quick action.

i'm cool now, but it made me kind of woozy. it wasn't bad, i felt like i was sitting in a warm bath. the discrepency was solved and now the measures have been taken so that it doesn't have the fighting chance to recurr.

it was a novel little interlude. and an opperunity to see jimmy, who i've seen in 2-4 hour spurts throughout the week due to work and work problems. we both have a lot happening individually, so getting to convene has been very nice...very very nice. the matter of getting blankets has become dire, though, and has to happen soon.

uh boy. i have so much to say to individual people. my head's spinning. so many great things are happening and most of everything right now is great. but i hate the thought of what i feel i lead someone to think about me...absolutely hate it...


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