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6:59 p.m. x 2006-10-29

i have a friend with a problem. i am not emotionally invested or preoccupied in her dilemma. i am now the only one she can go to about it. she's going to destroy herself. if she worsens any...i really don't know what i can do. except learn a great lesson from her. i have. it's just a shame to look at someone else's plight purely as a lesson to myself. that feels selfish. but wow - a great reason i am very happy now is because of observing her behavior. having that example and allowing circumstance to get the better of me...i couldn't let it now. if someone drinks the poison and dies, i don't think you'd drink it. unless you're an idiot.

yeah i know. i have a lot of proving to do there.

002 ipod is being resurrected. it suffered some sort of blow and got whacked out of sorts. mm. balls.

if nothing is the matter...why don't you want to speak to me anymore...i am trying my hardest to avoid...anything...everything that wouldn't be good...really. i guess. i'm sad. it's making me sad. i really feel that something's amiss. i guess that's how you deal with it. that's...all right...

i admire your attitude. i'm glad you like your job. my hat goes off to your dedication. you think that's all i have to say on the subject? that's all the room i have on the subject. you know the rest. i need a hug...pretty badly...

alannah visited today. it was awesome. last night amanda and i ate chicken and watched "videodrome". alannah came in the morning and we went to panera for breakfast...we introduced her to lucas, amanda's young man, at bonanza, went to the bookstore, introduced her to jimmy at his place of employment, and met lexi for lunch.

the orchards...are amazing.

think about the orchards. and things like that. there's plenty that is amazing.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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