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6:14 p.m. x 2006-11-04

uuugh. i crashed yesterday really bad. my nerves are dancing, right now...i'm waiting for something...

doing my hair really does improve my mood. i missed sweaters so much. legs. never before in my life has the weather affected my legs. they never used to get cold. not only do they suddenly do, but my knees getting cold can be crippling. it drives me insane if my knees get cold. oh my goodness. i freak out.

ipod situation has not improved. but there's a pop-up book about ALFRED HITCHCOCK at the bookstore. mmmmm. so, henceforth...xmas?:

hitchcock pop-up book, "grey gardens", little birds or delta of venus by anais nin, book of photographs by man ray, "clean, shaven", "that obscure object of desire", "greenaway: early films", "rediscovering lost scores vol 1 & 2" by wendy carlos, necrophilia variations by SUPERVERT!, aesthetic surgery by angelika taschen, a book on kenneth anger..."LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD", for chrissake, there's three books on the cahiers du cinema i'm eyeing, anything from the atlas arkhive or persistence of vision series, MOTEL FETISH...another few films and some clothes...probably not all that, though, which saddens me...i try and wait till christmas for a lot of things, and this year will be a pretty hardcore anticlimax, according to what i've been told. eh. "grey gardens", "last year at marienbad", an atlas arkhive book and some skirts. i'll be good. but all of that would be awesome.


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