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9:35 p.m. x 2006-11-07


haha...i went to get coffee with amanda, her brother drew, and lexi, and jimmy's coworker derek saw me. so jimmy came over to see me. ooohhhhohohoh i have the most placid, ecstatic expression right now. it was hella fucking cute. i like him, especially when he makes gestures like that. he financed my dinner, then, which was very dashing. but i mostly enjoy that he smiled so much. his smile is pretty incredible.

amanda and i went back a bit later to refill our coffees, haha...i wanted to be discrete about it so that it didn't seem like i was over there so much (since i have to be tomorrow, whether i like it or not). then duff happened over, and then ANDREW THE BEARDED ONE!!! and i freaked out. oh my god. i love the bearded one.

intermittently, ken and i pondered the dense mystery that is grimace, of mcdonald's fame...the nature of his existence, as well as his name. amanda and her brother had been wondering the very same thing. i managed to get a picture of her boyfriend today, and his albino eyelash. VERY big day.

which, on top of all of this...MY IPOD IS UPDATING DOWNSTAIRS. so if i have my ipod back tomorrow...fucking amazing.

ooohhhhhh wow. i am a happy pepper.

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