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6:44 p.m. x 2006-11-08

i am currently uploading my cd collection to THIS computer. how that'll go...eesh. i have no idea. but it really can't go any worse than having it on that inaccessably ballsfest little hellhole downstairs.

i am feeling really good today. even though it rained, the bus to school was late and i was in the rain at the transfer center for a half an hour, and then there were a whole load of discrepencies in getting home...or, to the bus stop nearest to where i live, rather. then i made my brief, requisite wednesday afternoon appearance at jimmy's place of employment to give and recieve fleeting affection and high-pitched, albeit mumbly comments from his manager, mike. i bought him (jimmy, not mike - though i like mike) cheese sticks at school, since he bought me lunch the other day...and he's not gotten into the rhythm of eating and working full time...those things, though. i'm a little worried. i hope i didn't inadvertantly assassinate him (they were from the school cafeteria...risky).

i then scuttled away to eat lunch at one of the adjacent establishments...i made a poor choice, as i thought the one i went to today would be cheaper and more secluded. i don't know why i thought that. because i don't go in there to eat, ever. lesson learned. they play country, and i was lodged in there for nearly an hour and a half. i got a hold of my aunt and had a conversation i shouldn't have had in public (and wouldn't have had if the price of my sandwich hadn't been what it was).

i will do perfectly all right to just have a few of my favorite albums uploaded onto here for tonight, but...ergh, i'm discouraged about my purchased music downstairs. VERY discouraged. a great many songs are essentially locked up in the STD-ridden abyss of WoW and episodes of "degrassi". that's fine if my brother wants to bastardize an otherwise very attractive, efficient machine. but i'm not putting my belongings in jeopardy anymore, and i want my songs off that hard drive.

*juvenile aches* "HALBER MENSCH" IS DOWN THERE. "SATELLITE". SWANS. "HIPS DON'T LIE". oh...oh. FUCK this. argh. at least this is the best development so far. my brother's library still isn't off this computer, but he showed me how to create a seperate, independant library.


WE GOT ALL MY ITUNES SONGS NETWORKED UP HERE!!!!!!!!! which...they aren't on the computer, but i can no ween them on little by little. oh vast, VAST relief. HLYSHT!!! oh! OH!!! i am a happy pepper. i am unable to log into the school's website to check whether or not i'll have enough credits with what i've currently scheduled to keep my health insurance, but in a matter of hours i will be able to listen to shakira again.


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