you're riding with me tonight

10:47 p.m. x 2006-11-17

yesterday was outrageous.

i screamed in will's car.

amanda and i put on a show in a parking lot for a gawking redheaded boy.

an old man talked to me about writing screenplays and invited amanda and i to get high with him (no thank you, sir). he was very interested in why i was dressed like a schoolgirl.

we abandoned our little fanbase and gawked at a throng camped outside of target for the PS3 just as intently as the redhead gawked at our small but emphatic performance.

we went to see amanda's boyfriend at her place of employment and her manager bought us dinner.

we went to see jimmy at work and they let him leave. he showered while i showed amanda another mustang (she wants a mustang). then she took me to his house and he and i...embarked.

that was really lovely. oh man. he bought me "v for vendetta", since we watched it together...mmm. i've never been happier just to be close to somebody. lying with my head in his lap and looking up at him and getting to talk...mmmm...and hear his voice. heh. i am very very fond of jimmy's voice. and everything else about him.

ahhh...this rocks.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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