the pennies were loaded

8:13 p.m. x 2006-11-20

blast! i had to work a minute little four hour shift yesterday. and it prevented me from getting to see a REGIONAL YU-GI-OH TOURNAMENT. bahhh. but lexi visited me for a quarter of my shift (a.k.a., an hour) and jimmy called me to tell me how badly he sucked. it was awesome.


i am so happy. because i accept that not everything is perfect. and wow, what IS perfect...really really rocks.

"that's smarter than you know." - because you know, it was really kind of comforting hearing that from you. and i really appreciate what you said to me. i'm still not totally cool about everything, but that's understandable. thanks. you probably don't know how much better you make it. and even though you're a fucking sass queen, you've been really great. i can't thank you enough. anonymously on diaryland. where you don't know i'm addressing you. or are even likely to ever see this...

and lo, it was funny to find out you're related to the kid who spawned mercury day. haha.

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