teardrop on the fire

9:30 p.m. x 2006-11-28

oohhhhh today was amazing. i got a B on a very nerve-racking term paper and a [WELL DESERVED!] compliment on my writing. then amanda and i went out for sushi at this AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING japanese restaurant. OH MAN!!! it was beautiful, and very intimate. we got the $50 "love boat" and it was extremely worth it. and green tea ice cream. oh man. it was incredible. miso soup came with it *^-^* it was absolutely...oh man! then we got starbucks. questions remain. we were going to go see lucas, then, and i asked if i might go see jimmy if that was to be the case. heh. i'm an ass. she asked me to be quick. i certainly didn't linger, but jimmy was SUPERSUPERSUPER happy that i came in and he physically PICKED ME UP when he hugged me! and bought me the beatles "love" cd. AAAHHH!!! i can't stop smiling. oh man.


that was really really really great. and i found "teardrop" for free. and the BFI book on "the exorcist" arrived, as well as moonchild: the films of kenneth anger, both of which i responsibly tucked into my mom's closet. she still flipped that i opened the postal packaging, but i'll have to take them out eventually to wrap them. i wrap my own gifts, and i do not like to wrap them in postage.

COURTNEY LOVE'S BOOK IS OUT. i know what i'm asking jimmy to get me for christmas. i need to know what he wants.

oh man today ROCKED!!! rocking the love boat with amanda! mmmmmmmm...and seeing jimmy. just getting to see him. i missed his face against mine. his EYES. AGH! he's worked nonstop since black friday >-< but he has off very soon. we're going to watch "scarface", haha, because neither of us have seen it.

december fifteenth is going to be crazy. jimmy SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY get off work that day because i want to see "inland empire" and he wants to see "aragon" and he concieved of the idea of doing a double-feature, as they're both released on the fifteenth. that would be stupendousss.

i love himmmm.

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