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11:26 a.m. x 2006-12-05

last night jimmy and i went to virginia again and we had an extra ticket that was supposed to be for the bearded one but he could not go so we picked up...

...ALANNAH!!! since gettysburg is on our way, it was easy. it was AWESOME. it was really great having her along, and she and jimmy hit it off really well. i thought they would if they hung out. leaves eyes was incredible, and blind guardian were very very good but they drew a miserable crowd. and had extremely long songs. jimmy acquired a fair amount of blind guardian angst over not recognizing the majority of the set, and we got hilariously lost after stopping at a seven-eleven, which, by all appearances...we just dropped onto it out of the sky because we couldn't find a familiar road leading back to where we'd been. it was spectacular.

i am SO HAPPY alannah could go (and that she brought a blanket in order to sit in the backseat...haha), and that i got to spend time with jimmy, since the rest of this month is going to be really oppressive with work for him. but i get to spend christmas with him *^-^*. that will rock.

congratulations are in order, being that ken has a summer, and i expect that this summer will make ken very very happy. that's what he deserves. and david lynch coffee!!!

gloriousss. there was a guy in front of me at the concert who sang so enthusiastically. really operatic. it was amazing. i love watching people get really into geeky shit. apparently there is a huge CELTIC WOMAN field trip everyone is embarking upon in march, at which i'd like to see amanda headbang.

ugh. i need shampoo. gotta remember that. wow, on the subject, the guy in leaves' eyes has hair longer than the length of my body. holy shit.

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