9:30 p.m. x 2006-12-17

(to the tune of "my sharona", please.)

gyah, my computer's been wacking out. anyhow.

we made it to gettysburg. jimmy picked me up from school and i was in the throes of ecstacy. i was blisteringly awake from having tried to wake him up by ringing his phone 45-odd times. he, however, had just woken up and first wanted to get the gift-buying out of the way. we tripped up to gettysburg and entered the store where jimmy is occasionally whored out as a manager. they had my purchase (the special edition of "oblivion"...frightful - but necessary) behind the counter, and jimmy just barrelled back behind it and grabbed it, handing it to me as i then handed it to the cashier.

jimmy intructed this individual to make it an employee sale, so that i could get a discount, and he responded by shaking his eyes and surrendering the register to jimmy. so jimmy proceeded to ring up his own christmas gift as the cashier lamented nearby, "y'ever juss...wake up drunk?". this man outranks jimmy in the company. oh heavens.

that was SUPER!

so then we dropped by alannah's house and performed in the narrow, iniquitous stone path between a decrepit, used gocart the baltimore pike. she had a good time, i think. there was discussion of swimming naked in a pool full of yu-gi-oh cards. jimmy abruptly remembered, then, that he had to be at home at some point very shortly for a chorus concert his brother was taking part in. i lamely, dolefully asked if he would be availible afterwards, and he vowed to return immediately upon the concert's end.



we had a pretty ecstatic time. speaking as candidly as i'm able to...and by rights, i can speak as candidly as i want, this being my diary for christ's sake...i am so happy. i mean - derrr. but i am so so so glad and value so highly the quality of my relationship with jimmy. we are close, we are very familiar with each other. we know and are very emphatic about what we love and admire about each other, and we have seen all of each others' indesirable, terrible traits. we have put work into the relationship when bad things have happened, we both care about each other very much. we are open and we talk about everything that needs to be addressed. when we are speaking and i get upset, he gets me to state as flatly as i can how i feel and what is causing it. this is something i notoriously suck at, and though i attempt to do this...heh...rarely does the person i'm addressing ever WISH i'd do so. jimmy asks. he wants to understand how i feel, and that means a lot to me. a LOT.

and because communication and understanding is very good between us...that makes sex very unstressful and amazing. most of my friends have a very double-edged sword relationship with sex for various reasons...but wow. i am very very fortunate.

and ridiculously fucking ecstatic!!!

today i visited him at his place of employment and procured birth control. thank goodness. that will only serve to improve things.


i do enjoy writing happy entries. a lot.

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