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4:12 p.m. x 2006-12-18

holy shit!!! ryan and i hung out last night!!! he called circa...eleven-ish...and said that he got a new truck and didn't want to drive it alone. it was amazing. his truck is frightening, but i missed him profusely. we went to walmart (the third time i was there yesterday...*shudders*) and talked in my driveway. he was really glad that i was happy, and that rocked. i was glad i got to hang out with him again. we used to hang out all the time, and i missed that very very much. we have a lot of perspective now and can talk about things we couldn't before.

though it's still kind of hard to talk about being attracted to paul, which both of us experienced. it's a strange state to explore.

ugh. my mother's slamming doors again. what the hell.

i would like to see jimmy soon. he wasn't feeling stellar last night, and i'd like to curl up with him and incite smiling. his smile is MIRACULOUS.

heh...my brother just came up to me and said "here's a dollar i don't know what to do with". 5C0R3!

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