gentle impulsion

10:54 p.m. x 2006-12-21

i'm shiveryyyyy. amanda loved her gift. celtic woman and hot cocoa. mmm.

i spoke to jimmy earlier, and it made my insides feel warm and lamplit. a good feeling. however, i subsequently learned something that I NEED TO TELL HIM and now i CAN'T GET A HOLD OF HIM!


i hope he's feeling all right. he was very sick earlier.

i, meanwhile, am shivery. tres shivery.

ernie's eyebrows look like joan crawford's. slightly more unruly. slightly.

i kind of doubt he'll read it in here before i get to tell him. but, yes. wow. my parents want to buy him a present for christmas.

that's...whoa. that's really something! and i'd like to ask him what he wants. but he is either out cold or not within a reasonable distance of his cell phone, which managed still to wake him at 3:45 last night @_#.


but i'm excited for when i get to tell him. and that christmas is...close. and my aunt is out to visit tomorrow, and i'm around and they can include me. for once.


i'd like to see jimmy.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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