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11:01 p.m. x 2006-12-24

i've been napping late in the day for the past several days. geesh. last night i took a nap at seven and slept until ten thirty, then was shortly thereafter whisked off by jimmy. and he and i did a little...whisking. it was awesome. i have six things for him for christmas, which is excessive, admittedly. two of them are from me, the remaining is the valiant attempt of my mother to be considerate of him, as he invited me over tomorrow to be with his family.

in all there is...a very expensive video game, a surprise that jimmy expressed that he wanted but couldn't find the correct kind of, two dvds, a cd, and a gift card. the gift card began life as a present for jonny, but my mom graciously decided to include it amongst jimmy's gifts, and we bought jonny a halo 3 tshirt, over which he is hopefully going to geek as badly as he possibly can.


and i've just woken up. yergh.

i gave clare her gift today. it was a set of matching necklace, bracelet and ring. and an ill-matching ring thrown in. and...the big finish...A BEVERAGE BUDDY. i fought for that little guy. my mom didn't think he was necessary alongside the jewelry, but it was. it was a very seperate matter. that in the link is exactly the one i got her, too. she got me a plastic rose necklace, and i love it very very much. amanda got me a $20 gift card to starbucks, which is actually ridiculously awesome because it means not paying at starbucks for eons. i'm getting more of that sort from my mom. that's good. starbucks is a silly thing to spend your money on.

*^-^* i'm so warm. tomorrow i'm going to get to spend time with jimmy. last night was so spontaneously amazing.

i love my boyfriend. mmm...i feel so lucky to say that, and that my boyfriend is my best friend and i CANNOT WAIT to see him tomorrow *^-^* !!!

a joyous ramahanakwanzmas.

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