2:55 p.m. x 2006-12-26


yesterday. best day ever. ever ever ever. ever. ever. ever. ever ever.

i had the best christmas EVER.

i shall regale you of it.

i recieved "rashomon" and many nice skirts. my sister's admirer (O_O) came over by surprise and i set him up in the sunroom because she wasn't around. then jimmy came to get me.


we hung out downstairs and exchanged gifts first. i gave his brother a halo 3 shirt, and i gave jimmy the oblivion special edition, dragonforce shirt (we had looked for it in a medium and i found it last week), "pulp fiction", "clerks", the "black EP" by interpol, and a $25 gift card redeemable at either EB or gamestop. he gave me the diaries of courtney love (!!!!!!!!!!! hlysht) and a cure shirt (the cover of "head on the door"). his parents gave me a gift card to panera (i will not have to pay for that, or starbucks, for a nice little while) and his grandmother gave me a KNIT CAP and a MATCHING SCARF. that was amazing. i'd never gotten anything knit from a grandparent. i feel like that's something i should have accomplished, and now i have.

we watched his uncle open his gifts then for a while, and jimmy told me he had a surprise for me in his room. haha. we went upstairs and he gave me his old coconuts uniform! hahahaha *^-^* and i wore it to bed last night. i'm brimming with nonsense. it was spectacular. he and i hung out alone in his room for around two hours...and had sex four consecutive times...and it was so so fucking amazing to be indoors. indoors that is not in a vehicle. while i really enjoy his vehicle, the space was nice. we could not be on the bed because it creaked, though we tried twice. afterwards i gave him a BODY MASSAGE and we laid beside each other, tenderly entwined, before his mom came in and irately inquired as to what we were up to and told us dinner was almost ready. that was fucking awesome. oh my god. also sailboats and transformers...i missed them. a lot. and jimmy showed his film collection off to me, since it's in its infancy and he is proud of it.

omgomgomgomgomgomg his room was the greatest interlude of all time.

we then ate dinner with his family, and jimmy and i beat each other up covertly by jabbing our hands into each others' sides, as we usually do while eating. jonny propelled himself into the other room and made noises. the food was amazing, and i'm very glad his family likes me.



all right, this was probably the greatest thing i've ever experienced. jimmy's dad unleashed the home movie of jimmy having a moment with a jack-in-the-box, wherein he sings "old mcdonald" to it (though that's not what the j-i-t-b was playing) and proclaims the experience wunnerful, and there is a whole subsequent scene of him extolling its wunnerfulness and just generally geeking out. he and i wrestled a bit more and almost broke a reclining chair, then we shared a moment on the stairs where i got similar treatment as the jack-in-the-box ^-^ (also featured on the video were jimmy's expert prowess with tinker toys and erector sets, juxtaposed with his inability to tell orange from grape).

upon driving me home, we made out like teenagers and he accompanied me inside, where we hung out with my little brother for a while and i watched them wii-out for about an hour. then we made out more, and he erected a sweet away message in my honor.

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. i love jimmy. and yesterday was FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!! i may see him tonight, too. i hope i do. mmmmm - i love spending time with his face.


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