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6:29 p.m. x 2007-01-10






oh my goodness. i couldn't get a hold of alex last night, so i had to call her at seven this morning to figure out when she would be by (on certain days, she will come very early). she said she'd come at nine, so i went back to sleep for an hour, relieved. then a half-hour later, seven-thirty, she called back frantic because she had just checked her email and one of her classes had been completely cancelled, so we had to leave right then to get to school early so that she could sort it out with administration.

she was furiously frustrated and i felt terrible (derr), though more than slightly relieved that i didn't have to deal with any more scheduling woes, since i had such a tough time scheduling for this semester to begin with. so alex ran off to fix things, and i sat down to have coffee and figure out where i'd be headed to. i knew exactly where my first class was, however, i'd never heard of the building the other was supposed to be in. the campus is very very small, and even though i find new parts of it all the time, i didn't think there was another building to find. so i went to the service desk and asked where this place was.

in the city. downtown. a drive small away. an impossible walk, up the highway. though it is listed on the website as being "on campus". BITCH. ASS.

so, i had to race to the class i did indeed have on campus, then race to fix this scheduling error. it inevitably resulted in me enrolling in something called "major american writers" that i know will make me pull out hair.

but i found out my bio lab meets very very rarely. THAT pleases me. not to mention i wore a really kick ass sweater today, and i'm going over to jimmy's tonight!!! and hopefully it will be a glorious replay of last night, wherein we watched "clerks" and felt it necessary to go to the bedroom to be intimate, even though we couldn't use the bed. we did, eventually, but just to massage. he showed me the kajeets in "oblivion". i'm very very pleased he liked "clerks", very pleased. i don't know what we'll be doing tonight. he mentioned wanting to watch a movie again, which i'd certainly be down with. i enjoy just hanging out with him.

oooooooooooooooooooo. he's taking me out to dinner. very shortly. shortly enough that i ought not to be dlanding and ought to be readying.


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