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7:23 p.m. x 2007-01-14

i was supposed to go up to kutztown with kara today to take her back, but i am thinking that posed an issue, because...i am here. so i cleaned today. really, thoroughly, took-everything-off-all-flat-surfaces, dusted, polished, scrubbed...

one of my candles, a jelly candle, oozed onto my carpet. that was insane. i haven't re-vacuumed yet, because i all ready did a few days ago, but my mom didn't think i did a good job. i resumed the hormones today. even though the last thing i need is to be hormonal (well...next to last, maybe - the very last thing i need is to ovulate, hallelujah).

i'm ridiculoussssssssssssss. i couldn't sleep last night, but i watched "looking for lulu" and admonished myself to sleep shortly thereafter. it is a blistering documentary...louise brooks is a sad character. i had read about her a long time ago, encountering her book lulu in hollywood on amazon while i was looking up silent-era actresses. then i saw shortly ago that "pandora's box" was getting a criterion release. her face is a delight.

my family is intolerable, however.

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