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10:24 p.m. x 2007-01-17

so my last night was incredible oh my god. i had spoken to jimmy for like two minutes on his break, then ken showed me fire extinguishers and spoke of "lost highway". it did great things to lift my spirits, as well as ernie's thrown-out-a-two-story-window lament. jimmy called me back, but retired to consume eggs and nap. he'd had an awful day too and i was content to let him rest, but he called me again around twelve-thirty, and i was immeasurably pleased. we talked for two hours before he picked me up and we hung out in his basement until four ^-^.

it more than negated how bad i had been feeling. we got to just lie down together and talk and linger in front of the mirror and observe ourselves together and bound around and dance and discuss seeing 1964 next month and staying at his grandmother's. i get to sleep in his mother's childhood bedroom!

that fun-filled event is the tenth. valentine's day is the fourteenth, and the sixteenth and the seventeenth jimmy's attempting to scooch down to florida to see ernie and guster, after which he'll have something very awesome. fully deserved since it will go ride down to baltimore, flight to florida, concert, exhaustive crash at chez ernesto, flight back to baltimore, drive back to here, work the following day. yes, he'll get something for that. that's strenuous.

mmmm he is marvelous. and so is bleu cheese in all forms, which i had with ryan earlier for dinner. he's probably going to call me soon O_O (it's 2:30...small eternity...) so i should go furrow into my pillow. i may need to pass out instead. i got in at 4 and ryan called at 5 to see if i wanted to watch the sunrise. my mom came in at 7 to ask me stupid questions (she had no idea i'd been out at all). i cried because people wouldn't just let me sleep. i purposefully snoozed all through american lit and then sped home to watch "cache" and crash. which i did. and shall do again. this time accompanied by "dogma", since jimmy's newfound lust of kevin smith has permeated in my direction. i do love jay. i do (canadian snoogans).

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