i fought piranhas and i fought the cold

8:56 p.m. x 2007-01-25

my screenplay is really coming together. i'm so proud of myself just for doing it, but i'll be so happy when it really comes together and says what i want it to say. i think it does, but i've worked so privately for so long on this and all the interrelated projects that i'm not entirely sure of how effectively the ideas will get communicated. since i know them so innately and a fair amount of them are pretty personal. i hope people enjoy my work.

also, someday, i hope to be warm. i'm wearing a sweater and a small jacket, which ought to be more than enough for indoors. nope. not a bit. i'm wickedly frigid. and i have a funny story to tell jimmy.

there's this recurring customer who frequents his place of employment. this customer makes a hilarious noise and has a brilliantly funny manner of speaking. jimmy immitates it whenever his dad talks to him. i have math with his coworker, ashley, and today we had a review period. we worked by ourselves and the teacher would come around helping out wherever he was needed. One girl raised her hand and told him what she was having trouble with and the teacher made the SAME NOISE as this recurring figure. ashley and i both screamed. i don't think the teacher even knew it was something he did. it was magnificent.

also there is the ever-looming, increasing possibility that ernie may come back to the area for good. florida's really layed it on him. he and jimmy were supposed to go see guster next month, but due to ernie's sketchy residence climate, he put forth to me today that i put forth to jimmy that the two of them see dispatch reunite in new york in july, which i think would be much much more feasible than flying two and from florida in immediate succession.


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