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6:48 p.m. x 2007-02-07

i got to lay low today and miss school entirely due to alex's mom not allowing her to drive in this weather. i spent the entire time i would've been at school sleeping and the rest of it working on my screenplay. eugh. i'd hoped to stay away from the computer today. i think it's really hurting my eyes. i'm currently printing the thing so that i may lie in bed and work on it.

i watched "the snowball effect", the documentary included on "clerks X" last night and the part of this morning that i was even vaguely conscious. i only had it on vhs before *^-^* that was very very awesome. alas, jimmy got his work schedule wrong and he works eight hour days until saturday, but i am extremely excited for saturday, so i don't mind. we will have pizza and "the matrix" soon, as he has several days off next week. i'm really excited. it's a little sit-down venue and we're going to get's going to be really sweet, even with his parents there.

in july, then, is new york. that's going to be AMAZING. we're getting a room to stay over night, which isn't going to be quite as sweet because ernie will be there, haha, but it was his idea. so that's no problem. it will be so much fun, ernie's never been. i think jimmy's been once. i haven't been in four years. and i've never been to madison square garden.

nothing scares me like "the actor voice". that really fake-sounding way of speaking that kids assume when they act. eugh. i was just reading my screenplay and i got terrified of the idea of someone reading the one part in "the actor voice". that would work out pretty well, actually.

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