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5:31 p.m. x 2007-02-12


i left with jimmy and his brother and his mom & dad around 12:30 on saturday and we drove to his grandmother's house near philadelphia. ruth's childhood bedroom was decorated pretty fantastically (i really enjoyed her desk). we went out to dinner and saw 1964, and they were fanfuckingtastic. they played with an orchestra on a couple of songs, which they apparently had never done before. it was stunning, and they played magnificently. it was freezing and jimmy obsessively mocked the noise i make when i shiver, but it was great nonetheless. especially once we got home. after everyone fell asleep (myself included, actually) jimmy crawled into bed with me. after i'd woken up and we deliberated for a few minutes, we eventually resolved to have sex on the floor. that was a treat. it was around five, i think. we have great sex at odd hours.

i subsequently was allowed to sleep way too late the next day, mostly for fear of getting out of bed before i was "needed". i should've informed jimmy of my tendency to just stay in bed, whether asleep or not, if i wasn't needed by anyone else. eventually they needed me to leave for breakfast, at which point i bathed like lightening and at a waffle sundae. KICKASS, i might add. then jimmy and i watched "mythbusters" and he huffed sassily at his family about when we would depart. his dad was still working on a project and jonny was doing his homework, and it was declared that we had to be back in the area in time for jonny to go to choir practice. the packing ordeal was terrifying, and jimmy began quaking due to lack of a sense of control. eventually we made it out, and jimmy's grandma kissed me goodbye. she is like a snowglobe of a grandmother. i can't believe someone didn't make her up. it's outrageous. my grandmother was long and thin and smoked and wore suits and wittily mocked my aunt's husband even when she was terminal. jimmy's grandma is tiny. and bakes. and gave me something knit for chirstmas, even though she herself did not do the knitting. she could've lied and i would've totally believed her. she is protograndma.

so we headed out and within the first fifteen minutes there came a complete silence that permeated the rest of the trip. i think everyone was a little tense, because travelling in a group is very difficult. we got back and dropped jonny off at the church, whereupon jimmy's dad was struck with the question of how to go about dinner. ruth wanted a restaurant he didn't want and jimmy was ranting about a caffeine headache, so his dad eventually resolved to make hamburgers at their house, which they brought me back to because they wanted to make sure i ate (i am the best hobo ever, i'm so proud of myself). jimmy and i ducked into the basement to do nothing more than lounge on each other for roughly five minutes before jonny called and informed his parents that there was actually no choir practice that night. so we picked him up and wound up going out to dinner. there, jimmy's headache lifted and we went off alone for a while.

tonight, we're actually going out to dinner with ernie. ernie has once again returned, and this time for good. speculatively. we should be off to that fairly soon (it is nearly 9:30 at the moment - it takes me ages and ages to get these down, ergh). in the meantime i'm listening to radiohead. i'm trying to determine whether or not i like them. i'm going about this by downloading all of their albums. then i should know.

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