then i got my wings and i never even knew it

12:22 a.m. x 2007-02-20

today was a really good day! very low key. i went to school for the first time in a week and it went very well. a lot of people missed friday classes too so i wasn't significantly behind at all. the bus ride was not nearly as bad as i anticipated and i even got a seat on a bench in one of the little kiosks, which never happens. i went in to say hello to jimmy and i got myself food. i didn't have breakfast and i was starving, so i very very happily got a sandwich and APPLE POP. i wrote a lot and when i got home i cleaned my room and took a very nice nap. it wasn't a bad, startling nap either. i felt it coming and i embraced it. i put my ipod on shuffle and it played everything i wanted to hear. i read horror hospital unplugged and slipped off to sleep.

when i woke up, then, i remembered incredible news! INLAND EMPIRE is playing in more places. baltimore among them. as soon as i figure out the details, i'm going to see if jimmy and i can go. also i caught that nightwish (which he enjoys) are playing at jaxx in october, so i let him know that. and we had a lovely phone conversation. i LOVVVE hearing jimmy's voice!

i love dennis cooper's writing so much. i'm going to go read his short stories in the bath tub and end this day well.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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