5:25 p.m. x 2007-02-23


oh shit!

having experienced many years of being alienated by some friends' use of alcohol and being quite frightened of things that change the way that people act, jimmy decided he wanted to salve my anxieties. when ernie had visited for christmas, i had gone out with he and jimmy and ed and they all had beer, and i was very nervous and upset because he hadn't told me about it beforehand and i was unprepared and unhappy about it. it wasn't a bad experience and i had a very good time, but because it kind of stepped on other plans jimmy and i had that night, i still wasn't totally cool about it.

still wishing to make drinking not so intimidating to me, jimmy and ernie and i convened in jimmy's basement to watch "the prestige". jimmy's been suffering very bad stress over issues at work and so ernie brought cognac and they had a little bit of it with pepsi. i think the initial aim, other than to get jimmy to unwind, was to reassure me that drinking can ensue responsibly. however, ernie also produced a small bottle of rum when the cognac failed to do much for him. jimmy requested a shot in his pepsi, and after a little while jimmy started to act the cliche of inebriation. wanting to cool him off, i swiped his drink and drank the rest of it. because i drank it fast, i got a little lightheaded, but nothing else happened to me. jimmy then became curious as to what his limit might be, as ernie wasn't batting an eye and he was starting to lose some fine motor skills.

so jimmy decided that he was going to get as trashed as he could and prove to me that nothing bad would happen and that i was there and i had control over what was happening, etc. it was absurdly hilarious. at some point "the prestige" got paused on a guy making a weird face and he was there for 2-3 hours. all of the liquor in jimmy's house was either full and unopened or nearly gone, making it obvious if any were missing. the only bottle he found that was somewhat full but opened was brandy, and for some reason after this jimmy got a little hyper. i'm glad he's silly when he's inebriated.

the first thing that actually made me nervous and i didn't like was the fact that jimmy then procured a bottle of tequila from upstairs. cognac, rum, brandy and tequila is quite a climb. jimmy and ernie both had tequila and orange juice, with ernie mixing very delicately so to not cause disaster. i think there was about a half hour left in the movie before jimmy excused himself to the bathroom and never returned. i got nervous near the end and went to check on him, and he was lying on the bed, very passed out. he managed to say "i love you" before i left, haha ^-^ poor little guy. i'm very glad he's not sick today. that was outrageous.

and i THOROUGHLY enjoyed "the prestige". especially all the top hats and david bowie as nikola tesla.

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